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Cibie Oscar SC "Snap-In" Halogen Headlamp, Driving Version

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Cibié lights have been popular for decades on all sorts of endurance racing vehicles, from Paris to Dakar to Le Mans. The Oscar SC is one of the most versatile headlamps available. It has been used on everything from 1960s Porsche rally cars right up to current ALMS sports prototypes.

This "snap-in" version has no external housing. The 6" diameter round lamp is designed to be mounted in a flat vertical panel using the aiming ring provided. The aluminized steel reflector requires just 3 5/8" clearance behind the panel (not counting bulb and plug). The Oscar SC has a clear, flat glass lens to let all of the light shine through.

The Driving pattern shines straight ahead with minimum sideways spread. When shined against a wall, the pattern will be a horizontal oval. When paired with a 100W halogen bulb (H1 type, not included), it can illuminate up to 3/8 mile (620m) ahead and 100 feet (30m) side-to-side. It is perfect for high-beam use on racing vehicles. Not DOT approved for primary lighting. Sold individually.

It is highly recommended to use a plexiglass outer fairing to protect these lights from damage. Many racing organizations require a cover that will contain any glass fragments in the event of breakage.

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