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Manual Tube Beader for 5/8 inch and Larger Tubing

Click for a larger picture of Manual Tube Beader for 5/8 inch and Larger Tubing
Click for a larger picture of Manual Tube Beader for 5/8 inch and Larger Tubing
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Don't risk a DNF (or worse) by letting a hose slip off of a non-beaded tube! A bead around the end of a tube acts as a stop to keep hose clamps from slipping off. Plain tubing can't stop clamps from slipping off under pressure.

This vise-mounted tool will form a perfect bead on the end of aluminum or copper tubing. Simply insert the end of the tubing between the dies and start cranking the turning handle. Give the wheel a quarter-turn with each full rotation of the tubing to gradually tighten the dies against the tubing. In just a few cranks, you're done!

Accepts copper or aluminum tubing as small as 5/8" ID and as large as 2".

Note: This tool requires the tubing to rotate through 360 degrees. If your tubing has a bend beyond 90 degrees near the end, you may need to get creative in order to use this tool.

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I would definatly recomend this product. very nice


I put a vw tdi engine in a ford ranger with a big turbo and huge intercooler. Had to custom make all of the tubing for it and this tubing beeder did a perfect job




Neat, has it's limits, of course


I've only used this a handful of times so far on some aluminum tube for a cooling system, but it seems to work fine. What is challenging is keeping the base adjusted to the point where the handle clears the vise. It's a bit awkward, and I might add an additional piece of steel to the base to allow the unit to set a little higher and allow for a bit more adjustment if needed. Still, a good unit. Adjusting the clamping force to get a good bead takes a bit of practice, and doing that, holding the piece you're working on (if you don't have a rest for the other end of the pipe) and turning the handle as well as pressure can be tricky.


Downingtown, PA


Worked great for small projects and was what I expected.


I used this for aluminum cooling tubes


Orange, Ca


poor copy of an original, bad quality control, doesn't work


looks and feels like the original we had a few years back. However, on our first bead of an aluminum tube we discovered that the end play on the small wheel was too great. This caused the tube end to interfere with the housing. As a result the end of the tube was "machined" by the housing. Not to Pegasus standards! Suggested they inspect them all for this problem before shipment


New Orleans, LA


Manual Tube Beader for 5/8 inch and Larger Tubing

3.8 4