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Mothers R3 Racing Rubber Remover, 24oz

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Lose the black streaks, quickly and easily! Mothers® R3 is formulated specifically to take rubber scuff marks off of racing vehicles.

Simply spray it on and wipe away rubber, dirt, bugs, and oil. Safe for use on paint, plating, anodizing, glass, and vinyl graphics.* 24 ounce pump spray bottle.

Note: The inks on some mass-produced printed stickers may seep or fade. The white circles, numbers, and letters that we custom-cut from solid color vinyl are not affected.

For best results, do not wait more than a few hours before cleaning. The fresher the rubber marks, the more effective R3 will be. Leaving a dirty vehicle out in the hot sun will make rubber marks much harder to remove.

Note: Due to import restrictions, we are not able to ship this product to Mexico.

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Leaves a film


Not impressed with the R3 Mothers rubber remover. You need to use a lot and it leaves a film on the " cleaned" surface. I'll use WD40 instead.


Cleveland, OH


Works very well but will remove wax as well


Worked very well at removing the rubber, light tar, and very heavy bugs that built up during my drive halfway across the country. It also removed the wax that was on the vehicle, a feature not mentioned anywhere I have seen. I will still be using this when necessary but only when I will also be waxing soon after.




Mothers R3 Racing Rubber Remover, 24oz

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