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(B) 18 AH Sealed Racing Battery

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This small lead-acid battery is the "traditional" size for FF, CFF, and FC. Its compact size makes it easy to mount in most formula cars, and its amp-hour rating is just right for most carbureted cars running a total-loss electrical system. Since the capacity of this battery is fairly low, a booster battery should be used whenever possible when starting the engine.

Capacity18AH / 180 CCA
Terminals#10 Ring
Weight14.3 lbs
Size7.13" L x 2.99" W x 6.57" H

Note that the dimensions are quite close to the Varley Red Top 25, although the Varley has much higher cranking amperage than this battery.

These batteries are considered non-hazardous freight and can be shipped by air or ground.

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