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Single Circuit Master Battery Cutoff Switch

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We carry the highest quality master battery switches available. This competition-proven kill switch is rated for 100 Amps continuous duty and 500 Amps peak current. (See note below on how to spot a lower quality clone.)

This single-circuit cutoff switch is used in vehicles that do not have an alternator. A removable actuating key with splash guard and a weather-proof cap are included. We also offer a Master Battery Cut-Off Switch with Alternator Protection (Part No. 4430) for cars with alternators. Note: This switch should only used to turn off a running engine in an emergency. A separate ignition switch should be used to switch off the engine and accessories before turning this switch off. Using this switch as the dash-mounted ignition switch will dramatically shorten its life.

Question: How do I know if I'm looking at the genuine article and not a lower quality clone?

Answer: The terminals of the genuine highest-quality switches are plated with a tin-alloy and are therefore silver colored. Lower quality clones have unplated brass terminals. In addition, genuine switches are shipped with half-height nuts while clones are usually furnished with full height nuts.

Over the years we've heard about dozens of DNF's caused by unreliable master battery switches that were purchased elsewhere. Is saving a few dollars worth risking a DNF?

Recommended accessories, sold separately:
"Off" Decal (Part No. 3356)
Master Switch Mounting Tab (Part No. 4375-001)

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Right item for the right application


bought this battery cut off switch for my airboat, this way I could make sure no one could accidently hit starter button and something bad happen, being able to remove key handle and have power disconnected from starter make me feel safer


WH, Fla

Solid value


One more level of security for my old car when it is away from home and fire prevention while it is in my garage.




Best Switch


This is the best master cut-off switch on the market. We use it as a part in three of our products including a military application and have never had a failure. The key is a solid construction - not like those other soft plastic ones.


Escondido, CA


Great Product


It turns easily, and mounting is a breeze thanks to the factory drilled holes! Perfection!

John the Runner



Single Circuit Master Battery Cutoff Switch

5.0 4