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Camloc 4002 Series Large Diameter Grommet, 0.050 to 0.072"

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Brand: Camloc Fasteners

The 4002 series Camlocs are designed to be used with a metal grommet to help spread the attachment forces. The Large Diameter ("Plus Flush Oversize") Grommet measures 0.88" (7/8") outside diameter and is recommended for soft materials such as fiberglass. This grommet stands out 0.050" from the front of the panel. Mounts in panels up to 0.090" thick. You can counter-bore or spot-face the back of the panel to install these grommets in thicker materials.

Note: This grommet adds 0.050" to the total grip length of the assembly. Be sure to add this amount to your total grip length calculation when determining the proper stud length. Requires a minimum 0.150 inch total grip thickness. If the assembly is thinner than 0.150", the back of the grommet will jam against the receptacle.

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