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Champion Sparkplug, 14mm - .75 Reach - 5/8 Hex

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Brand: Champion Spark Plugs

Champion Spark Plug C61
C Series, 14mm thread, .750" reach
5/8" hex, Fine Wire Tip, Warm.

Fine Wire Tip Spark plugs with small-diameter center electrodes were originally designed to improve starting and anti-fouling characteristics in small two-stroke engines such as snowmobiles and dirt bikes. The small (fine wire) center electrode reduces the voltage required to fire the gap; important with low cranking speeds and borderline ignition output. This same characteristic can "band-aid" poor performance at very high rpm, or at part throttle, when mixtues are either to rich or too lean. This makes the Fine Wire Tip ideal for use with tricky racing carburetors.

Replaces discontinued Champion plugs N87 and N87G.

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CH C61

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