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Davies Craig 14 inch Elec Hi-Performance Fan (Fan Only), 12V

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Brand: Davies Craig

Davies Craig Electric Cooling Fans free up valuable horsepower while providing more constant airflow through the radiator or oil cooler.

This large, high-flowing 14 inch diameter fan draws a maximum of 13.0 amps at 12 volts DC and flows up to 850-1200 cfm in typical applications. The unique reversible design allows you to install the fan as a pusher fan (mounted in front of the radiator) or a puller (mounted behind the radiator) depending on your application. The assembly measures less than 3 3/4" deep to fit in most full-size engine compartments. This is the highest-flowing of the three 14" fans Davies Craig offers.

Note: This "short" fan is the fan assembly (motor, blades, shroud, and mounting "feet") only. Mounting hardware, wiring harness, and fan relay are available separately in the Davies Craig 12V Fan Mounting and Wiring Kit (Part No. DC1000).

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