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Davies Craig "Quick Fit" Fan Mounting Kit

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Brand: Davies Craig

Davies Craig offers a heavy-duty hardware kit for mounting their electric fan to to your radiator or AC condenser. The drawback to that type of mount is that it requires bending the radiator fans to make room for the mounting bolts. This "quick fit" kit is a down-and-dirty mounting solutiuon that lets you just zip the fan to the radiator.

This kit includes 4 mounting tie assemblies and four pieces of cushion material. The ties are similar to zip-tie wire ties, but with a large-diameter head and a separate large-diameter receptacle. Just slip a tie into a hole in the fan shroud, add a piece of cushion material, and thread the tie between your radiator fins. Insert the tie into the receptacle washer and pull tight. Repeat on the other three corners of the shroud and you're done!

This kit can be used to mount an electric fan to a radiator, AC condenser, or oil cooler. It can also be used to mount a rock screen or grille in front of your radiator or cooler (we recommend adding thicker, denser padding and some spacers for this type of installation). You can even use it to secure a blanking plate in front of your radiator or cooler in cold weather, but the ties are not reusable.

Note: Very similar kits are marketed by others for mounting oil coolers in front of or behind a radiator. We do not recommend this kit for mounting oil coolers in racing vehicles unless the cooler is relatively small, the oil hoses are well supported near the cooler, and at least two mounting kits are used per cooler.

Davies Craig electric fans (except DC31 14 Inch "High Flow" model) also require Fan Mounting Feet, Part No. DC0604 (sold separately). Complete fan kits and fan "shorts" include a set of mounting feet.

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