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Optimate LiFePO4 Lithium 12 / 16 Volt Battery Charger

Click for a larger picture of Optimate LiFePO4 Lithium 12 / 16 Volt Battery Charger

Brand: OptiMATE Battery Chargers

Lithium batteries offer an incredible weight savings, but your old lead-acid battery charger will ruin them. This battery charger is designed just for use with automotive lithium-ion (LiFePO4 / LFP) batteries.

The Optimate Lithium Battery Charger is an advanced multi-step charger that monitors battery condition with four separate tests before, during, and after the charging and balancing sequence.

Pre-Qualification Test - Checks battery condition and ambient temperature. This determines which charging program will be used.
SAVE - If necessary, a battery found to be over-discharged is charged at a low recovery rate.
Bulk Charge - Charge current is adjusted according to battery capacity and condition in order to fully charge the battery as quickly as possible without causing new problems.
Dead Cell Check - If the charger detects one or more dead cells during any step of the charging process, charging will stop and a warning will light up.
Equalization - This 10-minute process delivers higher-voltage pulses of current to balance the charge in the individual cells.
Verification - Voltage is brought back down to test the battery charge. If the charge is not ideal, Equalization is repeated.
Retention Test - Charging stops for 30 minutes while the Optimate tests and monitors the battery for 30 minutes. If the battery passes the first test, an extended (up to 12 hour) test for self-discharge is conducted.
Maintenance Charge - 30 minutes of charging, followed by 30 minutes of rest, followed by a test for lost voltage. If sufficient voltage is lost, the cycle repeats for up to 12 hours.

The Optimate will start again at the Retention Test 24 hours after charging began, and will start again every 24 hours as long as the battery is connected. Although LiFePO4 batteries do not self-discharge like lead-acid batteries do, this charger is designed to be connected during long-term storage. This makes it especially useful when the battery is left in a vehicle with a small parasitic drain. The charger can also be wall-mounted to save workbench space.

The charging routine is fully automatic, with no programming required. Suitable for use with all of the 12 volt or 16-volt lithium batteries we carry, including all Antigravity and Ballistic LiFePO4 batteries. Not for 6 volt lithium batteries, or for lead-acid batteries of any voltage. Includes quick-disconnect ring terminal harness (for permanent mounting on the battery) and alligator clip harness. 110-120 VAC (North American) current.

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