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(LI) Antigravity ATX-12 HD RS 12v Lithium Battery, 480 CA

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Brand: Antigravity Batteries

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Antigravity batteries combine the latest in lightweight Lithium-Iron (LiFePO4) technology with an "OEM size" case for easy weight loss!

This 12 volt battery is the same size as the popular YTX-12 motorcycle battery (6" L x 3 7/16" W x 5 1/8" H), but it offers a huge 480 cranking amps and weighs less than 4 pounds. (We offer a high-quality lead-acid YTX-12 battery which delivers about 220 CA and weighs 11 pounds.) It has a similar cranking capacity to a 16Ah lead-acid battery* (our lead-acid YTX-12 has a 12Ah capacity and therefore can't crank as long). Re-Start technology automatically shuts down the battery in the event of a parasitic drain. Simply press the restart button on the top of the battery to start your vehicle!

This size is perfect for everyday use in large motorcycles (up to 1500cc or modified 1-liter and 61 CID V-Twins), or race use in cars as large as 3.5 liters (with alternators). Female M6 terminals offer excellent durability. Two sets of terminals put a positive terminal on both the left side and the right side.

* Pb-Ah Equivalent. This is not to be confused with Amp-hour capacity. Lead-acid batteries deliver a low-amperage current over a long period of time (for example, a 12Ah lead-acid battery can theoretically deliver 12 Amps for an hour). LiFePO4 batteries deliver a brief high-amperage current and then recover quickly (as in starting an engine). This battery is not designed to deliver a sustained current.

Note 1: This battery should NEVER be used in a total-loss electrical system. This battery will not deliver a sustained current.

Note 2: This battery will not work on a modern vehicle with a stop-start system or a "smart" charging system. These systems are specifically set up to drain the battery down below the 12.4V shut-off point, which will trigger the Re-Start system to turn the battery off.

Note 3: Never use a trickle charger or standard lead-acid battery charger on a LiFePO4 battery.

Note: (LI) = Lithium Battery. This product can't be shipped by air. We can only ship this item to addresses in the continental USA or to areas of Canada that don't require aircraft for delivery.
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