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AiM/MyChron Tire Temperature Sensor, Infrared

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Brand: AIM Sports

Why wait until the end of the session to find out your tire temperatures? This tire temperature sensor from AiM uses infra-red energy to measure the tread temperature in real time!

The compact 27mm x 17mm (1 1/16" x 11/16") sensor is easy to mount in a wheel well or sidepod. The 35 degree field of view can measure inside, middle, or outside temperatures if mounted close enough to the tire. Mounted far enough away, it can measure the entire tread width at once. Useful for more than just tires, too! This sensor can measure the surface temperature of just about any object in the range of -20° C to 120° C (-4° F to 248° F). Sold individually.

This sensor has a 25cm (9.8") cable with a 719 push-on connector for direct connection to most AiM dashes. Connecting to AiM EVO4/EVO4S loggers, the Channel Expansion Hub, or the karting MyChron Expansion will require an AiM 719 to 4-Pin 712 Adapter Cable (Part No. MC-210, sold separately). Sold individually.

This sensor is not listed in Race Studio 2 (up to release 2.56.46). To configure it as a custom sensor, set -20° C (-4° F) at 820 Mv, 120° C (248° F) at 3230 Mv, and click "Compute curve". AiM suggests naming the custom sensor "AiM INFKL -20+120C (X05TTS01B0)".
In Race Studio 3 (release 3.18.00 or later), set the channel "Function" to "Temperature -> Temperature" (not "Air Temp" or "Head Temp"). You will see the sensor listed as "AiM INFKL -20+120C (X05TTS01B0)".

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