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Locking Tear-Off Post Kit with Tools, Black

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Brand: Bell Racing

Eccentric tear-off posts let you adjust the tension of your tearoff shields for easier installation. The trouble is that rotating them for adjustment tends to loosen the mounting screws, which lets them slip and lose tension. Then you have to go inside the shield to tighten the screw, which loosens the tearoffs... You have better things to do on a busy race weekend!

These clever posts look more or less like a standard (but high-quality) aluminum tear-off posts. They install just like regular posts with no modifications required. But in addition to the standard mounting screw, they also have a hex-head set screw to positively lock them in position! The pressure from the set screw even helps to maintain tension on the mounting screw, further guarding against loosening.

To protect the edges of the post from damage, the conventional full-width screwdriver slot has been replaced with a narrow 1/4" slot. This helps to hold the scredriver in place, which also helps prevent damage to the shield. The set screw is accessible from the outside, which means you can adjust and lock them without opening the shield. Your crew can even change your tear-offs while you're sitting in the car!

Kit includes two black anodized aluminum posts (complete with setscrews), mounting screws, an angled 1/4" screwdriver, and an "Allen" hex key for the set screws. One kit is enough for one face shield.

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