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Backsaver Aerospace Foam Pad, 18 x 36"

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The Backsaver was originally developed for military combat pilots. The Backsaver's fluid yet firm support was found to be the best material to minimize discomfort and greatly reduce fatique under very grueling conditions. Backsaver foam absorbs up to 97% of impact energy with low rebound. Although the cushion is only one inch thick, it will not bottom out because of its high energy absorption. Special materials that are bonded to the Backsaver act like a gasket between driver and seat which insures perfect contact for precise feedback. This cushion measures 18" x 36" x 1" thick. A smaller 16" x 18" Backsaver Cushion is also available. Either size can be cut with sharp scissors or a shop knife. Both Large and Regular Backsaver pads are shown in photo.

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Money well spent


I read plenty of glowing reviews but was still skeptical, i started researching other websites for reviews and could not find anything but people gushing over this thing. I finally decided to drop what seemed like an absurd amount of money on a piece of foam just to see if it was really that good. It is. It transformed my car. Nearly all small vibrations and bumps are absorbed into the foam and no longer felt. On the big gnarly bumps, it feels like somebody has hit me in the back with a large pillow instead of a a sledgehammer as it previously did. If you do any street driving on stiff suspension and a racing seat this thing lives up to its name as the backsaver. The only con is that i do sit slightly higher in the seat, but I had adjustment left to lower my seat and now I'm back to the position i prefer.


Bay area, CA

Great piece of gear


Great for making seat inserts on multicar teams. Easily shaped, molds to the body as it warms up and racer's/gaffer's tape will stick to it.






We use it in the SRF3. The seat is a little too large for my driver, so it helps fill the space well--yet it's hardly noticeable on a "just right" seat--and keeps him steady in the seat. It also reduces his spine fatigue. By the full-size one, not the little one. Soon as you buy just a little one, you'll realize you need the full-size one.






I'm just a regular driver, commuting in Southern California traffic, driving long distances on occasion. The Backsaver foam pad is saving my butt, literally!!! It's the most comfortable seat ammendment I have ever had - sure beats pillows and cut up pieces of foam from the fabric store. I've noticed my hip pain is less from long drives, it stays put and doesn't slip out of place each time I get out of the car (that alone is calming!) This is a really really great product, for ANY body!

traffic queen

santa barbara ca




I put a piece of this underneath my existing foam and a small piece in the small of my back. This made a world of difference not only to the comfort of my seat (kirkey), but also blocked a lot of heat that had been bothering me.


clarkston, mi


Great Seat Liner


Used this over an aluminum seat in formula vee. Conforms very well to seat and body. This has a material liner on the front and rear. This should help it last longer than the uncovered foam I previously tried.




Good Stuff


I used the Backsaver Pad to cushion my kart seat. As a senior citizen, my spine needs some help, and the Backsaver Pad seems to do the job. It spreads my weight over a significant area and absorbs the severe impacts. Without it, I would not be in a kart.


Santa Rosa, CA


Backsaver Aerospace Foam Pad, 18 x 36"

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