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SFI 45.2 EAM Rigid Energy Absorbing Foam, 1" thick sheet

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Perfect for headrest padding!

EIS W50 high density foam was developed to satisfy the higher standards for head protection in CART, the IRL, and many other sanctioning bodies. Meets and exceeds SFI 45.2 specifications for energy absorbing material (EAM) used in cockpit areas for driver safety in motorsports.

This flat, 1" thick padding can be used for a variety of applications including SCCA-approved headrest padding, seat inserts, and padding any flat surface in the cockpit. The lightweight (5 lb / cu. ft.) foam is rated for operating temperatures up to 400° F (204° C). Available in a variety of sizes up to a full sheet measuring approximately 16" x 36". Cuts easily to smaller sizes with a shop knife. Cover with the fabric of your choice to avoid abrasion damage.

Note: SFI-rated foam padding is designed to prevent a helmeted head from contacting a solid object. It is very stiff and does not give except in hard impacts. This makes it ideal for headrest padding in racecars.

We have been told that 3M "Super 77" spray adhesive works very well for mounting this padding and for adhering a fabric covering.

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SFI Approved High Density Foam, 8.8 x 16.3" Sheet, 1" thick

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SFI Approved High Density Foam, 16.3 x 18" Sheet, 1" thick

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SFI Approved High Density Foam, 16.3 x 36" Sheet, 1" thick

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