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SFI Approved High Density Foam, 1" thick sheet

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Perfect for headrest padding!

EIS W50 high density foam was developed to satisfy the higher standards for head protection in CART, the IRL, and many other sanctioning bodies. Meets and exceeds SFI 45.2 specifications for foam padding used in cockpit areas for driver safety in motorsports.

This flat, 1" thick padding can be used for a variety of applications including SCCA-approved headrest padding, seat inserts, and padding any flat surface in the cockpit. Available in a variety of sizes up to a full sheet measuring 16" x 36". Cuts easily to smaller sizes with a shop knife. Cover with the fabric of your choice to avoid abrasion damage.

Note: SFI-rated foam padding is designed to prevent a helmeted head from contacting a solid object. It is very stiff and does not give except in hard impacts. This makes it ideal for headrest padding in racecars.

We have been told that 3M "Super 77" spray adhesive works very well for mounting this padding and for adhering a fabric covering.

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SFI Approved High Density Foam, 16 x 18" Sheet, 1" thick

$32.99In Stock

Condition: New

SFI Approved High Density Foam, 16 x 36" Sheet, 1" thick

$62.99In Stock

Condition: New

SFI Approved High Density Foam, 9 x 16" Sheet, 1" thick

$19.99In Stock
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Don't buy this product!


I've come to appreciate the quality of your products over the years but this one is simply the worst thing I have ever purchase from you... The padding weeps fine particulates that make up the product. Attached to the interior of the car, it sheds these particulates when drafts develop under speed. THe particulate get into everything.... including my eyes which is irritating and extremely unsafe!


Portland, Maine


Conforming to rules


I was required to add this certified padding to my headrest per SVRA rules. It was easy enough to work with and I attached it with spray adhesive as others had recommended.


Rochester, NY


Meets the SFI rules


I needed this product to finish the roll cage install on my Bonneville race truck. It cuts and sands easily and has a smooth film on the surface for easy adhesive attachment. My only only improvement suggestion would be to have a pressure sensitive adhesive on one side. Good product.


Anacortes, Washington




Velcro to the firewall and works great for headrest in Formula Vee




Good stuff.


Easy to cut. Shapes nicely with a little bit of sanding. Glues to Aluminum with 3M 77 spray adhesive.




SFI Approved High Density Foam, 1" thick sheet

3.8 5