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Antigravity Lithium Battery Tracker

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Brand: Antigravity Batteries

How healthy is your charging system? Does your vehicle have a parasitic draw? Do you need to charge your llithium battery before you take your car out of storage? Get the answers to all of these questions and more, without even raising the hood!

The Battery Tracker from Antigravity is designed to monitor your battery and charging system, automatically sending the results to your smartphone whenever you are within Bluetooth range. Just walk into the garage with your phone and find out if you can take your toy out this weekend, or if it will need a charge first. But that's just one of the tests available in the app.

The Voltage Test provides a real-time voltage reading, a graph showing the voltage over the past 5 minutes (great for diagnosing short-term drains), and a graph showing the voltage over the last 31 days (great for diagnosing parasitic draws and overall battery health).
The Cranking Test automatically logs the cranking voltage any time you try to start the vehicle, including date and time. The voltage is graphed for the entire duration of the cranking event.
The Charging Test shows the alternator output at idle and at high RPM.

Simple two-wire hookup: Just connect to your battery and forget it! Once you install the free app and pair the tracker to your phone, you don't have to touch it again. The compact (2.75" x 2" x 0.7") unit fits easily in the tightest engine bay. This version is for use with lightweight lithium-ion batteries (LiFePO4) only. Not for use with conventional lead-acid or gel cell batteries.

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