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1/4-28 Forged Yoke & Pin Assembly

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A rod end can be too stiff for use on a throttle cable, causing a sticky pedal or even premature wear on the cable. This high-strength fitting allows an even looser fit than our special 1/4-28 Female Throttle Cable Rod End for a very free-working pivot.

Standard right-hand 1/4-28 UNF female threads fit our high-strength Push-Pull Cables as well as our Custom-Made Throttle Cables with 1/4-28 Ends (Part Nos. 1270-Basic2, 1270-Basic3, and 1270-Basic5). The clevis has a 0.27" wide slot, with a 0.25" diameter cross pin to fit a 1/4" screw hole. Adds 1 3/8" to the length of the cable when screwed all the way down. Includes forged steel yoke, steel cross pin, and split pin retainer.

We also offer all three parts separately as replacements:
Forged Yoke Only, Part No. 1267-002
Clevis Pin (Cross Pin), Part No. 1267-003
Cotter Pin (Retaining Pin), Part No. 1273-Cotter

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