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Motul Radiator Clean, 300ml (10.1 oz)

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Brand: Motul

Did you know that traditional (green) ethylene glycol coolant should be flushed and replaced after 2 years of use? Neither did the person who sold you that cool old car... which is now running a little hot. Motul Radiator clean to the rescue!

The combined detergent-lubricant package in Radiator Clean works to dissolve and encapsulate scale, sludge, and other deposits in the entire cooling system. Proper use can restore the performance of the thermostat, reduce operating temperature, and extend the life of all components. Suitable for use in all recirculating water-cooled engines, regardless of fuel type, carburetion, and induction system.

Just add one bottle of Radiator Clean to your cooling system*, turn the heater on full (if applicable), and run the engine at idle for about 30 minutes. Turn the engine off and let everything cool until it is safe to open the radiator cap. Drain the system completely, flush with clean water, and refill the system following the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations. Extremely neglected vehicles may require a second treatment. One 300 ml bottle is enough for a cooling system up to 10 liters (11 quarts).

* One 300ml bottle is suitable for engines with up to 10 liters coolant capacity. Add another 30ml per 1 liter of coolant capacity over 10 liters. Do not dump an entire second bottle in unless your engine holds 20 liters of coolant! Motul recommends performing 2 separate treatments with a little less Radiator Clean rather than over-saturating with too much Radiator Clean.

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