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Motul Engine Clean Auto, 300ml (10.1 oz)

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Brand: Motul

Have you just bought a nice vintage car but you don't know the maintenance history? Motul Engine Clean can help wipe away years of neglect!

Simply add a bottle of Engine Clean to the engine oil* and run the engine at idle for 15 minutes. The detergent action of Engine Clean breaks up sludge, soot, and other deposits into micro-particles that stay suspended in the oil. Then change the oil and filter as you normally would. The suspended material exits the engine with the drained oil. Then fill with your favorite oil. Extreme cases may benefit from a second treatment.

Engine Clean is suitable for all gasoline and diesel engines, normally aspirated or turbocharged, injected or carbureted, with or without catalytic converters. Proper use of Engine Clean can help to unstick hydraulic lifters, increase compression, decrease emissions, and increase catalytic converter life. 300ml (10.1 fl oz) bottle.

* One 300ml bottle is suitable for engines with up to 5 liters oil capacity. Add another 60ml per 1 liter of oil capacity over 5 liters. Do not dump an entire second bottle in unless your engine holds 10 liters of oil! Motul recommends performing 2 separate treatments with a little less Engine Clean rather than over-saturating with too much Engine Clean.

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