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(LI) Braille 12v Lithium Battery, 575 CA, G-14, Left Pos

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Brand: Braille Battery

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Braille Green-Lite Series batteries offer the power and light weight of race-spec Braille Lithium-Ion batteries in an OEM-size case for easy weight loss!

The 12 volt (nominal) G14 battery is the same size as the Braille B14115 AGM battery or our own Part No. 1169 Formula Ford battery (YTX14-BS size, 5.9" L x 3.4" W x 5.8" H, positive terminal on the left), but it packs an amazing 575 pulse cranking amps and weighs just 4 pounds. The 13.8v actual voltage provides even more starting power for high-compression engines up to 4 cylinders. The LAh rating of 30 gives it cranking performance similar to a 30 Ah lead-acid battery. The G14 carries a true 10 Amp-hour rating, but with much more consistent voltage under load than any 10 Ah lead-acid battery.

The G14 is ideal for 4-cylinder racecars such as Formula Ford / FF2000 and P2 cars running alternators. Braille batteries are compatible with all automotive charging systems. The dual terminals accept common 1/4" ring terminals either on top or on the front. Braille batteries are made in the USA.

Note 1: Never use a trickle charger or standard lead-acid battery charger on a lithium-ion battery. These batteries have a very low self-discharge rate in storage; however, a charger should be used for long-term storage of vehicles with a parasitic drain (computer memory, alarm, etc).

Note 2: DOT regulations will only allow us to ship lithium-ion batteries via UPS Ground service. UN regulations will NOT allow us to ship lithium batteries outside of the 48 contiguous states. USPS will not accept lithium batteries for transport by mail.

Note: (LI) = Lithium Battery. This product can't be shipped by air. We can only ship this item to addresses in the continental USA or to areas of Canada that don't require aircraft for delivery.
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