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Optimate Monitor Cable SAE to Ring Terminals, 12v Lead Acid

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Brand: OptiMATE Battery Chargers

This special quick-disconnect harness is similar to those included with Optimate battery chargers, but with a built-in battery status monitor. Simply connect the 1/4" (6mm) / 8mm (5/16") ring terminals to your lead-acid battery and leave the harness installed. The 2-pin SAE plug matches the plug on Optimate chargers, letting you quickly plug in the charger for maintenance.

The 4-LED battery status monitor indicates resting battery voltage when parked as well as charging status when the engine is running. The LED blinks every 3 seconds to minimize power draw. Suitable for use with any 12 volt lead-acid battery (AGM, gel cell, or standard).

The plug is polarized to prevent reverse connection, and an inline fuse provides additional protection. Complete kit includes harness, fuse, and a tethered dust cap to protect the disconnected plug.

Note: For battery charging using Optimate battery chargers only. Not for use with any other brand. Not suitable for boosting or jump-starting.

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