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Fuel Sample Port with Dual Viton Seals

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This new fuel sampling port is custom-made for Pegasus with dual Viton seals to meet the SCCA requirement for a fuel sample port. In addition to the main Viton seal at the base of the fitting, a second Viton o-ring seals the stem to prevent leakage while drawing a sample. The male 1/8 NPT pipe thread gives you several options for attachment to your fuel system (see table below). The valve also has a nipple for attaching a 1/4 inch ID hose (not included) if needed. Depending on where the valve is located, you may not need any hose at all.

Hint: If a hose is needed to take a sample, remove the hose while racing to prevent the normal shock and vibration of a race car from acting on the weight of the hose and causing the valve to unseat. Zip-tie the hose to a nearby frame rail or other handy location so it will be with you at impound!

How to Install a Fuel Sampling Port in Your Fuel System
Fuel System PlumbingLocationTee Fitting RequiredHose Ends Required
6AN Braided LineSpliced into Hose1069-06 (Male-Male)3271-06-000 x 2
6AN Braided LineEnd of Hose1069-06MF (Male-Female)None (unscrew a hose end from a male fitting)
8AN Braided LineSpliced into Hose1069-08 (Male-Male)3271-08-000 x 2
8AN Braided LineEnd of Hose1069-08MF (Male-Female)None (unscrew a hose end from a male fitting)
5/16" (8mm) Rubber Hose
(Spec Miata, many Formula cars)
Spliced into Hose3212 (all Female)3220 Hose Barb x 2

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