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6AN Straight Bulkhead Fitting with Nut and Nylon Washer

Click for a larger picture of 6AN Straight Bulkhead Fitting with Nut and Nylon Washer

Brand: Fuel Safe Fuel Cells

This aluminum bulkhead fitting is perfect for adding a second pickup to your fuel cell. Both ends of the fitting will accept a standard 6AN hose end (sold separately). Includes mounting nut and nylon sealing washer.

To install, remove the fill plate or access plate from your fuel cell and drill a 9/16" hole in the plate. Slide the nylon washer onto the bulkhead extended (end of the fitting). Insert the bulkhead end of the fitting through the plate from the outside. Secure with the nut on the inside of the plate. Add your hose(s) and reinstall the plate.

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