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Weber 32/36 Synchronous Throttle Linkage Kit

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Turn your Weber 32/36 DGV/DGAV/DGEV progressive carburetor into a synchronous carburetor with this inexpensive kit. Simply remove the progressive linkage from the primary and secondary throttle shafts and install this linkage. The secondary throttle will open with the primary for better mid-throttle response. Legal for Formula Ford 1600, FF2000/FC, and Sports 2000.

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Weber 32/36 DGV Parts

Definitely well worth the money!!


My application: -Rebuilt 4ac with 20k on it with excellent compression across all cylinders. -Timing advanced 3 degrees over stock -Exhaust with 2.25 piping -Fuel regulated at 3psi - AEM wideband After doing countless jet combinations with the 32/36 dgv, it never felt good enough due to the progressive design grandma ease into nature. So I bought this and wow I definitely won't be going back to progressive any time soon. Off the line is so much better, no stumble or sluggish acceleration. Still have to fine tune it as it running mid 11 at wot. -Idling is a lot smoother, and consistent. -cruising is still good no bog or sluggish when on and off pedal. - definitely more responsive which is what I was hoping this would do, since the motor is slow by nature. - I'm expecting to see a decent drop in mpg, but I'm over that if this is the trade off I get. Considering i was getting pretty good gas mileage prior at 24mix and 29 hwy.



Shipping was fast. I'm happy.


I got this for my empi Progressive. It is not an exact match so I had to modify the linkage. It does exactly what it is supposed to.


Huntsville Al



used this on my weber 3236 on a mazda glc 1.5 this was fun to install, easy, and totally worth it to me. opens it up more and seems to pure better.


washington state


This was the missing link!!


A few years ago I installed a Weber 32/36 DGEV on my '64 Chevy C-10 with a 230-6. I was never impressed with the performance, and I couldn't get rid of the bog when transitioning from the primary to the secondary. I'd tried countless main jets, air bleed jets and accelerator pump jets with no real luck. Truck was drive-able, but doggy & boggy at best. I figured I'd give this Sync-Link a try before giving up on the Weber & bolting on a Holley. I returned all jetting to original and installed this kit. Was surprised how much better it was right off. Some minor re-jetting later and it's working great!! Nice to be able to mat the gas and not have to worry about it falling flat on its face!!


Slinger, WI


32/36 weber sync-kit


works ok... but cannot bring idle speed down


co springs CO

Incredible improvement.


The stock 32/36 wasn't quite enough carburetion for my worked over ford 200 inline motor. This kit improved everything from starting at idle up to wide open throttle It's a little pricey for what's in the kit, but it does work magnificently.


Colorado Springs, CO.


Weber 32/36 Synchronous Throttle Linkage Kit

4.5 6