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Self-Eject Wing-Head Stud Assembly, 5/16 Dia x 0.72 Length

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With these captive quarter-turn Dzus assemblies, you won't have to worry about losing expensive body fasteners. The 5/16" diameter stud is permanently assembled to a compact mounting plate. The stud is spring-loaded to pop up from the plate when not fastened. This self-ejecting feature makes it easy to spot any studs that have not been latched. It also prevents any unfastened studs from hanging up on the mating surface, making it easier to install large body panels that have many fasteners.

The plated steel stud assembly is designed to be riveted to a panel using two 1/8" diameter rivets spaced 1" center-to-center. With proper mounting the rated strength is 85 lb. in tension and 200 lb. in shear. This stud assembly has a wing head for easy operation without tools of any kind. Overall stud length (less wings): .72 inch. Nominal (working) length: .60 inch. Head diameter 5/8". Wing length (overall): 1 1/8". Sold individually; spring receptacles are sold separately. See chart below to determine the correct spring for your application.

To find the required spring receptacle size:
Measure the total thickness of all panels to be fastened together. Add in any space between the panels caused by rivet heads holding the panels apart. Find your total thickness in the table below.

Total Thickness
of Panels to Be Fastened
Spring Receptacle Required
with 3021 Stud
0.320" - 0.349" 0.275" Spring Receptacle
Part No. 3013
0.350" - 0.374" 0.250" Spring Receptacle
Part No. 3012
0.375" - 0.399" 0.225" Spring Receptacle
Part No. 3011
0.400" - 0.424" 0.200" Spring Receptacle
Part No. 3010

Still can't figure it out?
As a quick "cheater" trick, order the shortest spring receptacle (Part No. 3010). If the assembly is not tight enough, simply add spacing washers between the spring and the panel. This moves the spring away from the stud assembly, taking up the slack.

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