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Hawk Brake Pads Product Category

Hawk Brake Pads

Get $10 back for every $100 you spend on Hawk Brakes from now until June 30, 2020!

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Hawk Performance is the official brake pad of SCCA, NASA, and Skip Barber Racing School!

HT14 Compound (V): Extremely high torque with aggressive initial bite - designed for cars with very high deceleration rates and downforce. Excellent release and modulation characteristics. Recommended in CART, Toyota Atlantic, F2000, F3000, Trans-Am. Replaces HT12 compound.
HT10 Compound (S): Very high torque with a smooth initial bite. Good rotor and pad life. Excellent modulation with good release characteristics. Recommended in NASCAR, Trans-Am, and all forms of road racing.
Blue Compound (E): Medium/High torque brake compound. A reliable performer with a wide temperature range. Low pad and rotor wear rate with good brake modulation characteristics. #1 selling pad material for SCCA racing. Recommended for Road Racing and Rally applications where low to mid temperature effectiveness is critical. Also known as "Blue 9012".
Black Compound (M): Medium torque compound for grass roots racing. This material was designed to be a good, all purpose low cost racing pad. Recommended for Dirt Circle Track, Dune Buggy and light duty Road Racing applications.
HP Plus Compound (N): This unique compound can take the heat at the track and get you home safely. Designed for the serious street and Autocross racer. Due to the dramatic friction level produced by this product, rotor wear, noise, dust and pad life may be affected when used for city driving.
HPS Compound (F): This versatile compound has proven to be the ultimate dual purpose street and strip material available on the market today. Recommended for amateur to intermediate forms of drag racing. Can also be used in most light duty Dirt applications where low temperature cold effectiveness is required. An excellent street pad.

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Hawk Brake Pad, Porsche 928 (D609)
Hawk Brake Pad, Porsche 928 (D609)

These Hawk Brake Pads fit a 1994-98 Audi RS2, '94-'96 Ferrari 456 GT Coupe, and Porsche 911 Carrera, 911 Turbo, 928 S, S4 and GT; 944 Turbo, 968 Sport, and the Stoptech ST40 Caliper.

Hawk Brake Pad, FF, F2000, Lockheed LD20 (CP2399) (D5)
Hawk Brake Pad, FF, F2000, Lockheed LD20 (CP2399) (D5)

These Hawk Racing Brake Pads fit the large AP-Lockheed LD20 caliper used in Formula Ford, FC/FF2000, and Sports 2000. Also fits ICP-20 and Wilwood WLD20 calipers.

Hawk Brake Pad, Wilwood Superlite Bridge Bolt
Hawk Brake Pad, Wilwood Superlite Bridge Bolt

These Hawk Brake Pads fit the Wilwood Superlite Bridge Bolt calipers.