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Hawk Brake Pads Listed by Car Manufacturer

DTC-70 Compound (U):Extremely high torque with very high initial bite. Designed to be the most controllable racing brake pad available. Intended for heavier sedans and formula cars with downforce. Available for a limited selection of racing calipers. Recommended for Trans-Am, GT1, CART, Formula Atlantic, F3000, and Prototypes. 400-1600° F.
HT14 Compound (V): Very high torque with high initial bite for cars with high downforce and lots of grip. Recommended in Trans-Am, GT1, CART, Formula Atlantic, F2000, F3000, and Prototypes. 300-1600° F.
HT10 Compound (S): High torque with a smooth initial bite. Works well as a rear pad with HT14 in front. Recommended for sedans, sports racers, and formula cars with downforce, including GT, Formula Atlantic, F2000, F3000, S2000, CSR, and DSR.
Blue Compound (E): Medium/High torque compound with medium initial bite. The wide temperature range and good brake modulation have made it the #1 pad material for SCCA. Recommended for Production, IT, F2000, Formula Ford, S2000, CSR, and DSR. 250-1000° F. Also known as "Blue 9012".
Black Compound (M): Medium torque racing compound with high initial bite. Black is a good all-purpose, low cost racing pad. Requires gentle initial application of the brake pedal to avoid locking. Recommended for very light sedans, small formula cars, and sports racers. 100-900° F.
HP Plus Compound (N): Designed as an autocross (Solo II) and track day (Solo I) compound. Very wide temperature range makes it suitable for all forms of autocross, yet still streetable. Expect an increase in dust, noise, and rotor wear. 100-800° F.
HPS Compound (F): HPS = High Performance Street. This compound will outperform OEM pads without sacrificing street manners. A good choice for Solo II; also recommended for amateur to intermediate drag racing. Effective from dead cold.

Hawk Performance Brake Pad Application List by Car Make & Model

Registered trademarks shown below are the property of each automobile manufacturer. They are used to allow the owners of those automobiles to easily find high-performance Hawk brake pads for their vehicle. Use of the manufacturer's trademark does not indicate that the manufacturer endorses the use of Hawk brake pads on their product.

Recent Top Selling Products for this category

Hawk Brake Pad, 05-10 Ford Mustang GT Rear (D1082)
Hawk Brake Pad, 05-10 Ford Mustang GT Rear (D1082)

These Hawk Brake Pads fit the rear of 2005-10 Ford Mustang V6 & GT, 2007-08 Mustang Shelby GT, and 2008 Mustang Bullitt using the FMSI D1082 caliper.

Hawk Brake Pads, FF, Lockheed LD19 (CP2195, PD26/11)
Hawk Brake Pads, FF, Lockheed LD19 (CP2195, PD26/11)

The Hawk Performance Lockheed LD19 Racing Brake Pads fit the "small" Lockheed caliper commonly found on Formula Ford 1600 cars.

Hawk Brake Pad, Alfa, Cadillac, Mitsubishi, Subaru (D1001)
Hawk Brake Pad, Alfa, Cadillac, Mitsubishi, Subaru (D1001)

Hawk Brake Pads for the FMSI D1001 Caliper fit Alfa Romeo 166, Cadillac CTS-V, Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 5.4L, Mitsubishi Eclipse/Galant, Lancer EVO VIII, Mitsubishi Lancer, Subaru Impreza WRX Sti.