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Brake Pads

Ferro-Carbon™ is a unique, high-tech family of friction materials developed and manufactured by Hawk Brake for the racing community. Hawk Pads do not require an extensive "bedding-in" procedure. Keep in mind however, that all disc brake pads require a short period of bedding-in before being used to the maximum of their potential.

Carbon Metallic® is the name used by the Performance Friction Company for its line of high performance brake pads. These pads are not organic or semi-organic compounds. They contain no asbestos, no Kevlar®, and no lead or clay fillers. They are integrally molded using the Ionic Fusion™ system and have the highest shear strength in the brake industry. Braking characteristics remain constant throughout the life of the pads.

All brake pads are sold in axle sets (4 pads, or enough to fill 2 calipers).

Hawk Performance Brake Pad Application List by Car Make & Model

Popular Road Racing Brake Pad Application List

Hawk Performance Brake Pad Racing Caliper Cross Reference

Hawk Performance Brake Pad FMSI Cross Reference

If you cannot determine the correct part number for your brake pad application, FAX a tracing of the pad along with the make, model and year of the car to our Tech Department at 1-262-317-1201. Include as much information as possible about the caliper manufacturer, maximum permissible pad thickness, rotor type (solid or vented), etc. To be sure that the size of the pad is not distorted during transmission, mark the overall height and width of the pad on your tracing.

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Hawk Brake Pad, Porsche Rear (D738)
Hawk Brake Pad, Porsche Rear (D738)

These Hawk Brake Pads fit the rear of 1998 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Type 996, 1999-2003 Porsche 911 Carrera 4, and 1997-2005 Porsche Boxster / Boxster S using the FMSI D738 caliper.

PFC Racing Brake Pad, FF, Formula Mazda, Girling 14LF (D44)
PFC Racing Brake Pad, FF, Formula Mazda, Girling 14LF (D44)

These PFC Racing Brake Pads fit the Girling 14LF caliper, used on some British Ford/Lotus, Triumph, older Formula Ford 1600, and the original Formula Mazda.

Hawk Brake Pad: Porsche Boxster S, 911, Cayman (D917)
Hawk Brake Pad: Porsche Boxster S, 911, Cayman (D917)