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Hawk Performance Caliper Cross Reference

Click on the tracing to enlarge
Click on the HB number for details on that pad
Click on "Compound" for descriptions of the different Hawk Brake friction materials
ManufacturerCaliperHawk PadImage
Aerospace Components 2 Piston HB104-Compound-.485
Aerospace Components 4 Piston HB100-Compound-.480
Aerospace Components GT HB101-Compound-.800
Aerospace Components Single Floater HB104-Compound-.485
Alcon 4R-Type HB118-Compound-.560
Alcon B-Type HB105-Compound-.775
Alcon CAR22 48mm Radial Depth HB351-Compound-.620
Alcon CAR89 51mm Radial Depth HB122-Compound-.710
Alcon CAR89 51mm Radial Depth HB688-Compound-.710  
Alcon CAR94 HB331-Compound-1.17
Alcon CAR95 HB349-Compound-1.18  
Alcon DP88 HB349-Compound-1.18  
Alcon H-Type HB192-Compound-.620
Alcon L-Type HB167-Compound-.778
Alcon MB4 HB105-Compound-.775
Alcon RC4498X600 HB655-Compound-.620  
Alcon R-Type HB118-Compound-.560
Alcon TA-4 HB184-Compound-.650
Alcon TA-4 HB184-Compound-.710
Alcon TA-6 HB109-Compound-.710
Alcon TA-6+ HB349-Compound-1.18  
Alcon TPC HB221-Compound-1.18
Alcon XF-Type (Scalloped) HB224-Compound-1.12
Alcon XR-6 HB109-Compound-1.12
Alcon XT HB238-Compound-1.18
Alcon XT-4 HB238-Compound-1.18
Alcon XT-6 HB238-Compound-1.18
AP Racing CP2279 HB110-Compound-.775
AP Racing CP2361 HB107-Compound-.620
AP Racing CP2485 HB108-Compound-.560
AP Racing CP2505 HB117-Compound-.380
AP Racing CP2561 HB108-Compound-.560
AP Racing CP2576 HB108-Compound-.560
AP Racing CP2577 HB108-Compound-.560
AP Racing CP3176 HB108-Compound-.560
AP Racing CP3177 HB108-Compound-.560
AP Racing CP3178 HB108-Compound-.560
AP Racing CP3228 HB107-Compound-.620
AP Racing CP3307 HB110-Compound-.654
AP Racing CP3676 HB108-Compound-.560
AP Racing CP3677 HB108-Compound-.560
AP Racing CP3696 HB117-Compound-.380
AP Racing CP3788 HB110-Compound-.775
AP Racing CP3789 HB110-Compound-.775
AP Racing CP4567 HB192-Compound-.620
AP Racing CP4586 HB108-Compound-.560
AP Racing CP4596 HB108-Compound-.560
AP Racing CP5020 HB108-Compound-.560
AP Racing CP5040-10/11/12/13S4 HB192-Compound-.620
AP Racing CP5040-20/21/22/23S4 HB114-Compound-.980
AP Racing CP5040-30/31/32/33S4 HB114-Compound-.980
AP Racing CP5040-5S4 HB110-Compound-.654
AP Racing CP5060-10/11/12/13ST HB122-Compound-.710
AP Racing CP5060-10/11/12/13ST HB688-Compound-.710  
AP Racing CP5060-2/3/4/5ST HB109-Compound-.710
AP Racing CP5100 HB192-Compound-.620
AP Racing CP5104 HB107-Compound-.620
AP Racing CP5108 HB192-Compound-.620
AP Racing CP5144 HB107-Compound-.620
AP Racing CP5211 HB108-Compound-.560
AP Racing CP5311 HB108-Compound-.560
AP Racing CP5420 HB167-Compound-.778
AP Racing CP5421 HB167-Compound-.778
AP Racing CP5510 HB167-Compound-.778
AP Racing CP5515 HB167-Compound-.778
AP Racing CP5555 HB109-Compound-.710
AP Racing CP5570 HB122-Compound-.710
AP Racing CP5570 HB688-Compound-.710  
AP Racing CP5610 HB167-Compound-.778
AP Racing CP5810 HB109-Compound-.980
AP Racing CP5835 HB110-Compound-.775
AP Racing CP5842 HB331-Compound-1.17
AP Racing CP5845 HB331-Compound-1.17
AP Racing CP5845 HB331-Compound-.854
AP Racing CP5846 HB105-Compound-.980
AP Racing CP5847 HB105-Compound-.980
AP Racing CP5880 HB110-Compound-.775
AP Racing CP5890 HB109-Compound-.980
AP Racing CP5895 HB109-Compound-.980
AP Racing CP6078 HB109-Compound-.980
AP Racing CP6120 HB171-Compound-.590
AP Racing CP6121 HB171-Compound-.590
AP Racing CP6600 HB585-Compound-.660  
AP Racing CP6760 HB192-Compound-.620
AP Racing CP7040 HB586-Compound-.660  
AP Racing CP7600 HB587-Compound-.630
AP Racing (Essex) CP4751 (SC200) HB101-Compound-.800
AP Racing (Essex) CP4761 (SC200) HB101-Compound-.800
AP Racing (Essex) CP5200 (SC250) HB110-Compound-.654
AP Racing (Essex) CP5260 (SC660) HB109-Compound-.980
AP Racing (Essex) CP5270 (SC670) HB109-Compound-.980
AP Racing (Essex) CP5410 (SC240) HB167-Compound-.778
AP Racing (Essex) CP5751 (SC300) HB101-Compound-.800
AP Racing (Essex) CP5755 (SC100) HB237-Compound-.625
AP Racing (Essex) CP5756 (SC100) HB237-Compound-.625
AP Racing (Essex) CP5757 (SC100) HB237-Compound-.625
AP Racing (Essex) CP5805 (SC360/560) HB102-Compound-.800
AP Racing (Essex) CP5810 (SC660) HB109-Compound-1.12
AP Racing (Essex) CP5820 (SC680) HB331-Compound-1.17
AP Racing (Essex) CP5830 (SC430) HB110-Compound-.775
AP Racing (Essex) CP5850 (SC675) HB221-Compound-1.10
AP Racing (Essex) CP5890 (SC670) HB109-Compound-1.12
AP Racing (Essex) CP6751 (SC275) HB101-Compound-.800
AP Racing (Essex) CP6761 (SC275) HB101-Compound-.800
AP Racing (Essex) CP7751 (SC400) HB101-Compound-.800
Baer 6S HB122-Compound-.710
Baer 6S HB688-Compound-.710  
Baer Alumisport HB509-Compound-.678  
Baer GT HB247-Compound-.575
Baer GT Plus HB247-Compound-.575
Baer Sport (Front) HB111-Compound-.610
Baer Sport (Rear) HB112-Compound-.540
Baer SS (Front) HB111-Compound-.610
Baer SS (Rear) HB112-Compound-.540
Baer Track (Front) HB111-Compound-.610
Baer Track (Rear) HB112-Compound-.540
Brakeman F1 Tornado HB117-Compound-.380
Brakeman F2 Tornado HB108-Compound-.560
Brakeman F3 Tornado HB100-Compound-.480
Brakeman F3 Tornado HB100-Compound-.625
Brakeman F4 Tornado HB101-Compound-.800
Brakeman Replacement Metric Style Caliper HB119-Compound-.594
Brembo 20.5272.12/22 HB194-Compound-.570
Brembo 20.7958.10/20 HB186-Compound-.854  
Brembo 20.7958.30/40 HB168-Compound-.770  
Brembo 20.8271.10/40 HB130-Compound-1.018
Brembo 20.8330.10/20 HB130-Compound-1.018
Brembo 20.8330.30/40 HB130-Compound-1.097
Brembo 20.8643.23/28/29 HB193-Compound-.670
Brembo 20.8644.10/22/23 HB193-Compound-.670
Brembo Big Red HB184-Compound-.650
Brembo F-40 HB193-Compound-.670
Brembo GT3R 4 Piston HB184-Compound-.710
Brembo NASCAR Front HB221-Compound-1.18
Brembo NASCAR Front HB331-Compound-1.17
Brembo NASCAR Rear HB167-Compound-.778
Brembo S4 HB141-Compound-.650
Brembo X2.023.21/24 HB130-Compound-.775
Brembo X2.028.01/04 HB130-Compound-.775
Brembo X2.029.21/24 HB167-Compound-.778
Brembo X2.029.71/74 HB167-Compound-.778
Brembo X2.040.01/04 HB351-Compound-.620
Brembo X6.059.41/44 HB167-Compound-.778
Brembo X6.L4.01/04 HB331-Compound-1.17
Brembo X9.011.01/04 HB167-Compound-.778
Brembo X9.011.31/34 HB167-Compound-.778
Brembo X9.060.51/54 HB130-Compound-1.018
Brembo X9.060.71/74 HB130-Compound-.980
Brembo X9.066.91/94 HB351-Compound-.620
Brembo X93.41.21/24 HB186-Compound-.770  
Brembo X93.45.11/14 HB221-Compound-1.18
Brembo X94.75.11/14 HB351-Compound-.620
Brembo X96.14.01/04 HB167-Compound-.778
Brembo X97.24.01 HB172-Compound-.595
Brembo X97.24.10 HB172-Compound-.595
Brembo X97.24.21 HB172-Compound-.595
Brembo X97.24.31 HB172-Compound-.595
Brembo X97.24.51 HB172-Compound-.595
Brembo X97.24.61 HB172-Compound-.595
Brembo X97.60.21/24 HB168-Compound-.770  
Brembo X97.60.41/44 HB105-Compound-.620
Brembo X97.60.81/84 HB105-Compound-.620
Brembo X98.A8.41/44 HB105-Compound-.620
Brembo X98.A8.41/44 HB208-Compound-.620
Brembo XA0.80.51/54 HB105-Compound-.708
Brembo XA0.80.51/54 HB208-Compound-.708
Brembo XA1.37.11/14 HB208-Compound-.708
Brembo XA2.30.11/14 HB167-Compound-.620
Brembo XA2.30.21/24 HB167-Compound-.620
Brembo XA2.86.31/34 HB167-Compound-.620
Brembo XA2.86.83/84 HB348-Compound-1.14  
Brembo XA2.E5.01/04 HB105-Compound-.775
Brembo XA2.E5.01/04 HB208-Compound-.787
Brembo XA2.E5.11/14 HB105-Compound-.775
Brembo XA2.E5.11/14 HB208-Compound-.787
Brembo XA2.E6.11/14 HB105-Compound-.620
Brembo XA2.E6.11/14 HB208-Compound-.620
Brembo XA2.E6.31/34 HB105-Compound-.620
Brembo XA2.E6.31/34 HB208-Compound-.620
Brembo XA2.E6.51/54 HB105-Compound-.620
Brembo XA2.E7.01/04 HB105-Compound-.980
Brembo XA2.E7.11/14 HB105-Compound-.980
Brembo XA3.02.11/12 HB348-Compound-1.14  
Brembo XA3.02.21/22 HB348-Compound-1.14  
Brembo XA3.02.31/32 HB348-Compound-1.14  
Brembo XA3.02.41/42 HB348-Compound-1.14  
Brembo XA3.A4.01/04 HB167-Compound-.778
Brembo XA3.A4.41/44 HB167-Compound-.778
Brembo XA3.B7.51/54 HB348-Compound-1.14  
Brembo XA3.G2.11/14 HB167-Compound-.778
Brembo XA4.10.01/04 HB351-Compound-.620
Brembo XA4.67.51/54 HB208-Compound-.866
Brembo XA4.C6.11/14 HB208-Compound-.866
Brembo XA4.D3.01/04 HB130-Compound-.980
Brembo XA4.F1.01/02 HB348-Compound-1.14  
Brembo XA4.F1.11/12 HB348-Compound-1.14  
Brembo XA4.F1.21/22 HB348-Compound-1.14  
Brembo XA4.F1.31/32 HB348-Compound-1.14  
Brembo XA5.09.01/04 HB208-Compound-.708
Brembo XA5.90.01/04 HB105-Compound-.775
Brembo XA5.C2.01/02 HB348-Compound-1.14  
Brembo XA6.61.01/04 HB348-Compound-1.14  
Brembo XA6.H7.01/02 HB348-Compound-1.14  
Brembo XA6.H7.11/14 HB105-Compound-.775
Brembo Caliper Family A HB194-Compound-.570
Brembo Caliper Family B HB193-Compound-.670
Brembo Caliper Family C HB194-Compound-.570
Brembo Caliper Family E HB194-Compound-.570
Brembo Caliper Family F HB194-Compound-.570
Brembo Caliper Family G HB609-Compound-.572  
Brembo Caliper Family H HB193-Compound-.670
Brembo Caliper Family J HB581-Compound-.660  
Brembo Caliper Family M HB582-Compound-.660  
Brembo Caliper Family N HB581-Compound-.660  
Brembo Caliper Family P HB193-Compound-.670
Brembo B10 HB605-Compound-.625  
Carbone Lorraine 4012 HB653-Compound-.606  
CNC 623 HB104-Compound-.485
CNC 624 HB100-Compound-.480
CNC 625 HB100-Compound-.480
CNC 626 HB100-Compound-.480
CNC 627 HB101-Compound-.800
CNC 630 HB102-Compound-.800
CNC 631 HB102-Compound-.800
CNC 633 HB102-Compound-.800
CNC 636 HB101-Compound-.800
CNC 642 HB100-Compound-.480
CNC 643 HB100-Compound-.480
CNC 644 HB104-Compound-.485
CNC 645 HB104-Compound-.485
CNC 648 HB100-Compound-.480
CNC 651 HB104-Compound-.485
CNC 652 HB104-Compound-.485
CNC 654 HB101-Compound-.800
CNC 664 HB100-Compound-.480
CNC 672 HB104-Compound-.485
CNC 674 HB100-Compound-.480
Coleman GM Metric HB119-Compound-.594
Coleman Series I HB101-Compound-.800
Coleman Series II HB101-Compound-.800
Coleman Series III HB105-Compound-.708
Coleman Series III HB105-Compound-.775
Coleman Series III HB105-Compound-.980
Coleman Series IV HB109-Compound-.710
Coleman Series IV HB109-Compound-.980
Coleman Series IV HB109-Compound-1.12
Mark Williams 81100 HB237-Compound-.625
Mark Williams 82100 HB237-Compound-.480
Mark Williams 83100 HB104-Compound-.485
Outlaw 1000 HB104-Compound-.485
Outlaw 2000 HB100-Compound-.480
Outlaw 2800 HB237-Compound-.625
Outlaw 3000 HB101-Compound-.800
Outlaw 4000 HB101-Compound-.800
Outlaw 4000XD HB101-Compound-.800
Outlaw GM HB103-Compound-.590
Outlaw Inboard Sprint Car Caliper HB237-Compound-.625
Outlaw M-16 HB237-Compound-.625
Red Devil 300 Series HB101-Compound-.800
Red Devil 600 Series - Short Track HB238-Compound-1.18
Red Devil Single Piston Floater HB104-Compound-.485
Rotora FC2 HB180-Compound-.560
Rotora FC4 HB193-Compound-.610
Rotora FF4 HB105-Compound-.620
Rotora FC6 HB109-Compound-.710
Rotora FC8 HB609-Compound-.572  
Sierra / JFZ GM Series HB103-Compound-.590
Sierra / JFZ GN Series HB102-Compound-.800
Sierra / JFZ MGN Dual HB100-Compound-.480
Sierra / JFZ MGN Single HB104-Compound-.485
Sierra / JFZ XL Series HB101-Compound-.800
Stop Tech ST-10 HB405-Compound-.543  
Stop Tech ST-20 HB266-Compound-.650
Stop Tech ST-22 HB180-Compound-.560
Stop Tech ST-40 / STR-40 HB141-Compound-.650
Stop Tech ST-45 HB141-Compound-.650
Stop Tech ST-50 HB141-Compound-.650
Stop Tech ST-60 HB122-Compound-.710
Stop Tech ST-60 HB688-Compound-.710  
Strange 2 Piston HB104-Compound-.485
Strange 4 Piston - Cotter Pin HB100-Compound-.480
Strange S-Series Caliper HB583-Compound-.480  
US Brake DL Single HB104-Compound-.485
US Brake F22i HB237-Compound-.480
US Brake F22i HB237-Compound-.625
US Brake F33i HB100-Compound-.480
US Brake F88i HB101-Compound-.800
US Brake Oversize Metric GM HB119-Compound-.594
US Brake Standard GM HB103-Compound-.590
US Brake Stock Metric GM HB119-Compound-.594
Wilwood BDL w/ Bridgebolt HB541-Compound-.490  
Wilwood BDL w/ Cotter pin HB540-Compound-.490
Wilwood Billet Dynalite w/bridge bolt HB541-Compound-.490  
Wilwood Billet Narrow Dynalite HB541-Compound-.630  
Wilwood Billet Radial Narrow Dynalite HB541-Compound-.630  
Wilwood DLSF HB104-Compound-.485
Wilwood Dynalite HB100-Compound-.480
Wilwood Dynalite Single HB104-Compound-.485
Wilwood Dynalite w/ Bridgebolt HB237-Compound-.480
Wilwood Dynalite w/ Bridgebolt HB237-Compound-.625
Wilwood DynaPro Lug Mount HB542-Compound-.490
Wilwood Dynapro Lug Mount Forged Billet HB542-Compound-.490
Wilwood Dynapro Narrow Mount HB542-Compound-.600
Wilwood DynaPro NDL HB542-Compound-.600
Wilwood Forged Narrow Mount Dynalite w/ Bridgebolt HB542-Compound-.600
Wilwood Dynapro Radial Mount Billet HB542-Compound-.600
Wilwood DynaPro 6 (Type 6712) HB645-Compound-.490
Wilwood FDL HB540-Compound-.490
Wilwood Forged Dynalite w/cotter pin HB540-Compound-.490
Wilwood GM Metric HB119-Compound-.594
Wilwood GMII, GM III HB103-Compound-.590
Wilwood GNIII HB102-Compound-.800
Wilwood GT 6000 - Radius HB224-Compound-1.12
Wilwood GT III - Radius HB224-Compound-1.12
Wilwood GT4000 HB105-Compound-.708
Wilwood Integra HP HB221-Compound-1.10
Wilwood Integra IP HB130-Compound-.980
Wilwood Integra LP HB369-Compound-.980  
Wilwood IR-GT HB351-Compound-.620
Wilwood IR-GT HB351-Compound-.778
Wilwood IR-GTR4 HB351-Compound-.778
Wilwood LC-GT HB101-Compound-.800
Wilwood NDL HB541-Compound-.630  
Wilwood Prolite HB238-Compound-1.18
Wilwood Superlite 4R HB521-Compound-.800
Wilwood Superlite 6R HB521-Compound-.800
Wilwood Superlite II, III LC-GT HB101-Compound-.800
Wilwood Superlite SL4R HB521-Compound-.800
Wilwood Superlite ST HB521-Compound-.800
Wilwood Superlite-4/6, Forged HB521-Compound-.800
Wilwood Superlite-4/6, Forged, Thin HB521-Compound-.650
Wilwood 6812 HB622-Compound-.490


Hawk Performance Brake Pad Compounds


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