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Hawk Brake Pads, FF, Formula Mazda, Girling 14LF (D044)

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Brand: Hawk Performance Products

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FMSI D044. Fits:
1964-66 Ford (Europe) Cortina Deluxe and Super
1964-73 Lotus Elan
1962-73 Lotus Europa P5 / Europa Series II
1964-73 Lotus Super Seven
1966-68 Peugeot 204
1967-80 Triumph Spitfire Mk III / IV
The Girling 14LF (533) caliper was also fitted to many Formula Ford 1600 cars and the original Formula Mazda. Also fits Alcon R Type / 4R Type and Girling D14R calipers.

Note: This pad can also be used in the smaller Girling 12SP (528 / FMSI D62, Spitfire Mk I & II) caliper with minor modification to the backing plate. Simply trim 0.035" (0.9mm) from the outer edges (12SP pad width is 2.43" / 61.8mm).

Hawk racing brake pads do not require an extensive or complicated "bedding-in" procedure. Keep in mind however, that all disc brake pads require a short period of bedding-in before being used to the maximum of their potential.

DTC-70 (U): Extremely high torque racing compound with very high initial bite. Designed to be the most controllable racing brake pad available. Intended for heavier sedans and formula cars with lots of tire and downforce. This compound works best when very hot. Available only for a limited selection of popular racing calipers. Recommended for Trans-Am, GT1, CART, Formula Atlantic, F3000, and Sports Prototypes. 400-1600° F.

DTC-50 Compound (V): High torque racing compound with high initial bite. DTC-50 bridges the gap between DTC-60 and DTC-30. Very wide temperature range with a predictable rise in friction. High-temperature fade resistance makes DTC-50 a favorite choice in endurance racing. Recommended for vintage Trans-Am, Formula Atlantic, F2000, F3000, Pro Sports Prototypes, and stadium super trucks. 300-1400° F.

HT14 Compound (V): Very high torque racing compound with high initial bite for cars with high downforce and lots of grip. Recommended in Trans-Am, GT1, IndyCar, Formula Atlantic, F2000, F3000, and Sports Prototypes. 300-1600° F.

ER-1 Compound (D): Medium- to high-torque racing compound. Originally designed for endurance racing, but the consistent friction across a wide range of temperatures and long life makes it a great choice for track days, HPDE, and even sprint racing in lighter vehicles (formula cars up to small sedans). Recommended for sprint racing formula cars, Sports Prototypes, and small production cars; or endurance racing in Prototypes and sedans. 400-1600° F (700-1100° F optimal).

Blue Compound (E): (Also known as "Blue 9012".) Medium/High torque brake compound. A reliable performer with a wide temperature range. Low pad and rotor wear rate with good brake modulation characteristics. #1 selling pad material for SCCA racing. Recommended for Road Racing and Rally applications where low to mid temperature effectiveness is critical. Recommended for Formula Ford.

Black Compound (M): Medium torque compound for grass roots racing. This material was designed to be a good, all purpose low cost racing pad. Recommended for Dirt Circle Track, Dune Buggy and light duty Road Racing applications. Recommended for Club Formula Ford.

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Hawk Brake Pad, FF, Formula Mazda, Girling 14LF, Black .560

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Hawk Brake Pad, FF, F Mazda, Girling 14LF, DTC-70 .560

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