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Popular Road Racing Brake Pad Applications

Popular Road Racing Brake Pad Applications
Popular Road Racing Applications
Application Caliper Hawk Brake Performance
Mygale F4 AP HB180 PF7824
USF2000 PFC ZR55   PF7832
Formula Ford, F2000 Rear; Small Lockheed Caliper LD 19
HB117 PF719
Formula Ford, F2000 Front; Large Lockheed Caliper LD 20
HB108 PF720
Formula Ford, Formula Mazda; Large Girling Caliper (Ferodo GD533) 14LF
Alcon R-Type
HB118 PF044
Vintage Formula Ford; Small Girling Caliper (Ferodo GD528) 12SP N/A
(Trim 14LF pads above to fit)
Sports 2000, Lockheed "Metro" 4-Piston Caliper LD 65 HB116 PF765
Formula 500 (Ferodo FDB416) Single Piston HB104 PF757
Ralt Formula Atlantic (Ferodo FRP201) Alcon H-Type HB107 PF740
Swift 008, 014a Formula Atlantic (Wilwood 7616) Wilwood IR GT HB351 PF736
Lola F3000 Brembo HB208  
Lola 97/20 Indy Lights AP Racing   PF768
Crawford DP PFC ZR22   PF7823
Spec Miata 1600 1990-93 (NA) Front HB148 PF525
Spec Miata 1600 1990-93 (NA) Rear HB157 PF458
Spec Miata 1800 1994-2003 (NA/NB) Front HB149 PF635
Spec Miata 1800 1994-2003 (NA/NB) Rear HB159 PF636
If you cannot determine the correct part number for your application, please fax or email a tracing of the pad to our Tech Department. Please include as much information as possible, including dimensions of the pad; car make, model, and year; and caliper manufacturer.
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