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Single Wire 50 Amp Ultra-Mini Alternator

Click for a larger picture of Single Wire 50 Amp Ultra-Mini Alternator
Click for a larger picture of Single Wire 50 Amp Ultra-Mini Alternator
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This super-compact 12 volt alternator is suitable for use on just about any formula car or sports racer. It weighs only 6 pounds and is small enough to fit in the most crowded engine bay.

Despite its small size, it puts out up to 50 amps! That's enough power for the most demanding data acquisition, driving lights, and fuel injection systems. The single wire design is easy to hook up, and a 2.5" diameter V-belt pulley included. The cooling fan is designed for clockwise rotation, but the alternator mechanism is not direction-sensitive (we recommend ducting some cooling air to the alternator if it will be driven backwards). Can be driven up to 15,000 rpm.

This alternator will require some adapting and fabrication to install. It is not intended as a replacement unit for any stock vehicle.

Ultra-Mini Alternator Dimensions
(including pulley)
(including ears)
5.5"6.5"4.5"6 lbs

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Idle voltage


YMMV Maybe this is specific to me, but my engine needs a long time to warm up and at idle this alternator seems to actually draw around 3 amps, or worse than nothing. It takes 2000+ rpm to supply the around 15 amps that it takes to run the motor and fuel pumps. I also autocross, so the time at speed is too short to keep a small battery charged. I'm thinking about a custom wind to produce charging voltage at a lower rpm, since I don't need 50 amps. It is a trade-off. A bigger, heavier alternator would do it all, or maybe a jumper battery while the engine warms up would fix my particular problem.

Picky Peter

Loveland, CO


Single Wire 50 Amp Ultra-Mini Alternator

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