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Fuel Pump Shut-Off Switch (Low Oil Pressure)

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A recommended safety feature when using an electric fuel pump, this switch automatically cuts power to the pump when oil pressure is lost to help reduce the fire hazard in case of an accident that causes the engine to stop running. Similar switches are installed in some production vehicles as original equipment. Factory setting is 12psi. Installs in a 1/8 NPT thread.

Switch operation:
Pressure below 12 psi: OFF (Circuit open)
Pressure above 12 psi: ON (Circuit closed)

Note 1: An Accusump or dry-sump system is highly recommended in competition cars using this switch to prevent a brief loss of oil pressure in a turn from causing the car to stall.
Note 2: On some vehicles, the starter may crank so slowly that the engine will not build enough oil pressure to turn this switch on while the engine is cranking. In this case, we recommend adding a wire from the "Start" terminal of the ignition switch to the "power out" terminal on this switch. That will allow power to bypass the pressure switch and allow the pump to run while the engine is cranking. When the key returns to the "Run" position, the pressure switch will function normally.

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