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Borgeson Heavy Duty Needle Bearing Universal Joint

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Brand: Borgeson Universal Co

These high-quality steel universal joints are specifically made for steering use in demanding racing applications. The internal needle bearings provide long life, smooth operation, and great reliability without maintenance.

We stock many of the more common spline and bore sizes but we can special order many other combinations including "Double D" shapes.

Note: 9/16-36 is not available in a clampable version. 3/4-36 is the smallest clampable spline available.

To attach the joint to the steering shaft, splined or "Double D" joints use a 5/16-18 (SAE UNF thread) setscrew with a locknut (we suggest adding Loctite for security). A flat, groove, or indentation must be filed on the shaft where the set screw will clamp. Plain bore joints can use two 3/16" roll pins or hardened shear pins in each yoke at right angles to each other and approximately 3/8" apart. Welding is not recommended because of the possibility of heat damage to the bearings.

All sizes measure 1.625" OD at widest section, 3.25" overall length. Maximum operating angle is 35 degrees.

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Part No.

Condition: New
SKU: 25153

Heavy-Duty U-Joint, 3/4 Bore x 3/4 Bore

$75.99In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 82801

Heavy-Duty U-Joint, 5/8 Bore x 5/8 Bore

$75.99In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 25154

Heavy-Duty U-Joint, 3/4 Bore x 3/4-36 Spline

$77.99In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 25155

Heavy-Duty U-Joint, 3/4 Bore x 9/16-36 Spline

$80.99In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 25156

Heavy-Duty U-Joint, 3/4-36 Spline x 3/4-36 Spline

$82.99In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 25157

Heavy-Duty U-Joint, 3/4-36 Spline x 9/16-36 Spline

$82.99In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 25158

Heavy-Duty U-Joint, 9/16-36 Spline x 9/16-36 Spline

$82.99In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 83066

Heavy-Duty U-Joint, 17MM DD x 3/4 Smooth Bore

$71.99In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 59016

Heavy-Duty U-Joint, 3/4-36 Clampable Both Ends

$94.99In Stock