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Weber 32/36 DGV Complete Carburetor, New

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Enjoy a brand-new Weber carburetor!

The dual-throat Weber 32/36 DGV is a popular upgrade on many cars because it is easy to tune, very flexible, and dead reliable. It is the carburetor of choice for racing classes from IT to Formula Ford. The progressive secondary throttle makes the 32/36 DGV easily streetable, with great mid-throttle driveability. You can tune it to work well with anything from stock 1200cc street engines to modified 2-liter racing engines. Rated at 240 CFM flow.

Choose from three versions:

Stock: Unmodified, with manual cold-start choke mechanism intact.
Choose the Stock version for ALL street-driven applications, regardless of engine modifications.

Prep-1.6: Prepared by Ivey Engines specifically for SCCA Formula Ford 1600 racing class rules

Prep-2.0: Prepared by Ivey Engines specifically for SCCA FF2000/FC (Pinto) and Sports 2000 (Pinto) racing class rules

The race-prepped carburetors are prepared to the limits of the SCCA rules for FF1600 or FF2000/S2000. They may not be legal for other racing classes -- please check your rule book!
Race preparation includes tapping the inlet port to accept a 1/8 NPT fitting (includes a barbed fitting for 5/16" ID rubber fuel hose), removing the choke mechanism, removing the power valve, installing dump tubes, and a few other tuning tricks. The race-prepped carburetors are not for street use.

Brand-New (not rebuilt or remanufactured)
Genuine Weber (not knockoffs, clones, or even licensed copies)

These are the real deal!

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Condition: New
SKU: 25229

Ivey Prepared Weber 32/36 DGV Carburetor for 1.6L Engine

$699.00In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 25230

Ivey Prepared Weber 32/36 DGV Carburetor for 2.0L Engine

$699.00In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 25231

Stock Weber 32/36 DGV Carburetor 5A, Complete/New

$419.00In Stock