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Cylindrical Foam Ear Plugs

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These soft cylindrical foam ear plugs protect your hearing from damaging sound levels, but permit normal conversation to be heard. They are strong enough to use for several sessions, but inexpensive enough to be disposable at the end of a race weekend. They are also comfortable enough to wear while sleeping in noisy hotels or while rooming with a snorer.

To wear, roll the foam earplug between your fingers to compress it, then insert it partway into your ear. The foam gently expands to precisely fit the ear canal. To remove, simply pull it out.

NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) = 29. A higher NRR provides more protection against loud noises than a lower NRR.

Note: Because these earplugs require more handling than other styles, you need to exercise some care when reusing them. Please make sure your hands are clean before use. Take a moment to examine any earplugs before reuse. Discard any earplugs that are dirty. Never reuse earplugs if you are ill.

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Cylindrical Foam Ear Plugs, 1 Pair

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A Real Wifesaver


One pair usually lasts me all day at the track (yes I'm that cheap). I also pack several pair in my suitcase, which means I always sleep well in hotels. These are also an absolute must if one of you snores. You can wear one pair for 2 nights' sleep if you turn them around for night #2. They take a set after about an hour of wear, but the unused end doesn't get compressed so it's like new.

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Temple, TX


Cylindrical Foam Ear Plugs

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