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Hearing Protection

Even mild hearing loss makes it very hard to hear normal conversations. According to the NIOSH, just 30 minutes of exposure to sound louder than 97 decibels -- about the same volume as a handheld electric drill -- can permanently damage your hearing. Don't take a chance! Earplugs are an important, inexpensive safety item.

But earplugs won't let me hear my car or the cars around me!
Earplugs still allow you to hear, just at a reduced volume. Earplugs can actually make some of the more subtle sounds easier to hear! By keeping the loud noises at a level your ears can handle, quieter noises are able to come through. With earplugs, you can still hear and identify noises such as a cracked header, knocking rod, or worn wheel bearing. Without earplugs, all you hear is a dull roar -- followed by a sharp ringing sound.

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Cylindrical Foam Ear Plugs

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Contoured Ear Plugs (no cord)

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Contoured Ear Plugs with Cord

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