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Shield Pivot Kit for Simpson Helmets

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These pivot kits fit SA2005 and older Simpson helmets, as well as some SA2010 Bandit models (except X Bandit and Devil Ray). Each kit includes two shield pivot screws and two shield pivot screw washers. Check your helmet to determine which kit to order. Certain Simpson helmets had a detent piece on just one side (1 Detent), while some others have used a detent piece on each side (2 Detent).

Note: Very old Simpson helmets did not have a detent on either side. Simpson no longer offers the "0 Detent" version because these helmets should be retired due to their age.

Certain SA2010 Simpson helmets (Diamondback, Shark / Air Inforcer, Speedway RX, Voyager Evolution / SW, VUDO, and X Bandit) use a different Simpson Shield Pivot Kit, Part No. 2239-501.

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Order Qty
Part No.

2229-1 DETENT

Simpson Pivot Kit, Shark/Bandit/Super Bandit after 7/92

$12.99In Stock

2229-2 DETENT

Simpson Pivot Kit, Voyager (2 detent)

$12.99In Stock
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