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AeroCatch Plus Flush Mount Hood Pins - Locking, Set of 2

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The AeroCatch is a new twist on the old hood pin concept. Hidden inside the modern, low-profile housing is a stainless steel clevis pin which engages an anodized high-strength aluminum hood pin (650 lb pullout strength). The hood pin and clevis pin are fully enclosed and protected by the aerodynamic thermoplastic housing.

Using the AeroCatch is simple -- even simpler than using conventional hood pins!
To close: Simply lower the actuating lever which is built into the housing. You don't have to line up the clevis pin with the hole in the hood pin. You can even do it blindfolded with one hand behind your back! Press down on the actuating lever to engage the secondary latch and prevent accidental opening. Even if the secondary latch is not engaged, the hood pin is still engaged!
To open: Push on the secondary latch button (if engaged) and lift the actuating lever. The pin is captured inside the housing, so you don't have to keep track of the pins when they are disengaged. The actuating lever gives a clear visual indicator of the status of the pin (disengaged, engaged, or latched).

The AeroCatch can be used in place of hood pins on hoods or trunk lids, or as a door latch. Minor modifications to the housing will also allow it to be used on panels which hinge, angle, or slide in place. The hood pin can be perpendicular to the panel, parallel to it, or at any other angle in between.

This is the original AeroCatch, with a separate key lock for extra security (the secondary lock must be engaged for the key lock to be effective). "Plus Flush" mounts with a 6-bolt flange (3/32" thick) on top of the panel. Flange measures 2 3/4" x 5". This flange covers the edges of the cutout, so your cutting does not need to be very accurate. Available in paintable black (shown) or carbon fiber look. (Note: Carbon look retains the same thermoplastic housing, not actual carbon fiber construction.) Sold in pairs.

Other versions available:
Non-Locking Plus Flush Mount AeroCatch (Part No. 3038-001)
Locking Flush Mount AeroCatch (Part No. 3038-002)
Non-Locking Flush Mount AeroCatch (Part No. 3038-010)
AeroCatch 2 (Part No. 3038-005), which eliminates the hood pin.

pdf icon Aerocatch "Plus Flush" Dimensioned Drawings

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AeroCatch Plus Flush Hood Pins - Locking, Set of 2, Black

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3038-003-Carbon Look
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AeroCatch Plus Flush Hood Pins - Locking, Set of 2, Carbon

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