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Thin Nadella Thrust Washer - 0.8mm thick

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In order to achieve maximum rated capacity and life of Nadella bearings, the mating and mounting surfaces should have a smooth, hard finish. These thrust washers have been engineered to provide the proper hardness and finish for support in the axial direction.

These thin (0.8mm thickness) washers are recommended for use in installations that will not see heavy thrust loads, when the backing structure is a harder material (steel, cast iron, etc), or where packaging concerns will not allow the use of the 2mm Thick Thrust Washers (Part No. 3082). The thicker thrust washers are recommended for the heavily-loaded side of an assembly, or where the backing structure is a softer material such as magnesium or cast aluminum.

Nadella Thrust Washer Dimensions
Inside DiameterOutside Diameter
10mm 21.5mm
12mm 23.6mm
14mm 26.0mm
15mm 27.4mm
18mm 29.2mm
20mm 34.3mm
25mm 41.5mm

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Thin Thrust Washer, 10mm ID .8mm thk.

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Thin Thrust Washer, 12mm ID .8mm thk.

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Thin Thrust Washer, 14mm ID .8mm thk.

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Thin Thrust Washer, 15mm ID .8mm thk.

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Thin Thrust Washer, 18mm ID .8mm thk.

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Thin Thrust Washer, 20mm ID .8mm thk.

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Thin Thrust Washer, 25mm ID .8mm thk.

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