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Nadella Combination Needle Bearings

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Nadella bearings are used in many racecar applications because of their small size, low weight and high load capacity. A common use is in rocker pivots on cars with inboard suspension. In order to achieve rated capacity and life, the mating surfaces should have a smooth, hard finish. A Rockwell hardness of C58 will ensure full rated capacity. Using a matching Thin Nadella Thrust Washer or a Thick Nadella Thrust Washer will provide the proper hardness and finish in the axial direction.

Nadella bearings require lubrication before use. A high-quality lithium-based, EP, or synthetic bearing grease is recommended when these bearings are used as suspension pivots. Higher rotational speeds with lower load (such as supporting rotating shafts inside machines) may require oil lubrication.

Nadella Combined Bearing Dimensions
Bore Size
(Axial Bearing ID)
Housing OD
(Around Axial Bearings)
Radial Bearings ID Radial Bearings OD Housing OD
at Base
12mm 18mm 15mm 22.6mm 27.5mm
14mm 20mm 17mm 24.6mm 29.5mm
15mm 21mm 19mm 26.6mm 31.5mm
18mm 24mm 21mm 28.6mm 33.5mm
20mm 26mm 22mm 31.6mm 36.5mm
25mm 33mm 30mm 39.6mm 45.5mm

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Nadella Bearing, 12mm ID, 18mm Housing

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Nadella Bearing, 14mm ID, 20mm Housing

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Nadella Bearing, 15mm ID, 21mm Housing

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Nadella Bearing, 18mm ID, 24mm Housing

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Nadella Bearing, 20mm ID, 26mm Housing

$49.99 In Stock


Nadella Bearing, 25mm ID, 33mm Housing

$58.99 In Stock

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