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Tempilaq Temperature Paint

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Brand: Tempil

Tempilaq Temperature Indicating Paint is used by top racing teams and manufacturers to document temperatures that are difficult or impossible to measure during actual use. Tempilaq requires much less exposure time than many other brands, so it can signal a brief temperature peak.

Tempilaq paint has a calibrated melting point that leaves an instant indication when a specific temperature has been reached. On race cars, it is most useful on brake discs and pads, but it can also be used on other components such as exhaust systems. It is also handy to have in the shop for fabrication and welding. A long stripe of Tempilaq paint can show how far the heat from welding progressed along a part, helping you to spot potentially brittle or annealed areas.

To use Tempilaq, apply a thin coating to the test specimen. The paint dries almost instantly with a dull matte finish. If the rated temperature is exceeded during use, the coating will become glossy, thus leaving a permanent indication that the temperature was reached. Each bottle contains 2 fluid ounces and has a brush-in-cap top.

Note: Because of the high solids content, the pigment settles out of the paint during storage. If this happens, simply re-mix the paint, adding a little Tempilaq Thinner if necessary.

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SKU: 28392

Tempilaq 850F/454C Temperature Paint

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SKU: 38268

Tempilaq 950F/510C Temperature Paint

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Condition: New
SKU: 28394

Tempilaq 1000F/538C Temperature Paint

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SKU: 28396

Tempilaq 1100F/593C Temperature Paint

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SKU: 44050

Tempilaq 1150F/621C Temperature Paint

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Condition: New
SKU: 28397

Tempilaq 1200F/649C Temperature Paint

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Condition: New
SKU: 44052

Tempilaq 1300F/704C Temperature Paint

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Condition: New
SKU: 44055

Tempilaq 1500F/816C Temperature Paint

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Condition: New
SKU: 44057

Tempilaq 1700F/927C Temperature Paint

$31.99In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 28398

Tempilaq Thinner, 2 oz. Bottle

$11.99In Stock