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Girling Aluminum Master Cylinder with Small Reservoir

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Many British road cars in the 1950s through the 80s were equipped with Girling master cylinders as original equipment. These high-quality units were quickly adopted by race car constructors. Girling masters are still preferred for new construction because of their compact size and unmatched reliability.

These genuine Girling master cylinders have a small (1 3/4" diameter) fluid reservoir integrated into the front end of the casting. The outet port faces the rear of the car, which is ideal for cars with limited space in front of the master cylinder. The lengths of the pushrod (included) vary but are usually 3.75 to 4.00" long as measured from the mounting flange. These single-circuit masters can be used for either clutch or brakes. Includes a plastic reservoir cap. Sold individually.

  • Outlet Port Thread: 3/8-24 (same as 3AN)
  • Reservoir Cap Thread: 1.75"
  • Pushrod Thread: 5/16-24
  • Cylinder Length (measured from mounting face): 3.95" (4.13" including cap)
  • Mounting Hole Spacing: 2.25" (vertical)
  • Stroke: 1.375"

Girling casts the bore size into the side of the cylinder for easy identification. The 0.62 size may be shown as either 5/8 or 625; the 0.70 size may say 7/10 or .70; and the 0.75 size may say 3/4 or .75.

Note: These are the real deal: Brand-new (not remanufactured), Genuine Girling units (not copies). You may find cheaper "clones" of varying quality elsewhere. Some of those clones cannot even be rebuilt! You can tell the real thing by the word "GIRLING" cast into the side. These genuine Girling master cylinders are rebuildable for many years of service.

Replacement and Repair Parts:
Plastic Cap, Part No. 3550 (one included with master cylinder)
Aluminum Cap, Part No. 3549
Reservoir Extension, Part No. 3560
Girling Pushrod, Part No. 3554 (one included with master cylinder)
Girling Rebuild Kit, Part No. 3504

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Condition: New
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Girling Master Cylinder, Small Reservoir - 0.62 inch Bore

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Girling Master Cylinder, Small Reservoir - 0.70 inch Bore

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Condition: New
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Girling Master Cylinder, Small Reservoir - 0.75 inch Bore

$134.99In Stock
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