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Girling Clutch Slave Cylinder

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These brand-new, genuine Girling slave cylinders were original equipment on many formula cars and sports racers equipped with Hewland transaxles from the 1960s to the 1980s. We offer two styles in two different bore sizes. Both designs are for bolt-on installations. Note that the left-hand and right-hand versions are not mirror images (see photo).

The .75" bore size, which is not very common, is available in a Right-Hand version only (see photo). This unit was original equipment on the Ford Escort "Mexico".

The more common .87" bore is available in either a right- or left-hand version. Choose the style which allows the most direct inlet hose routing. The inlet and bleeder ports are interchangeable, so the inlet hose can be installed in either port.

  • The .87" Left-Hand version is ideal for mounting on the right side of the transaxle in most mid-engined cars. This version fits Hewland FG 400, FGA, and FGB gearboxes.
  • The .87" Right-Hand version is typically installed on the left side of the transaxle in most mid-engined cars. It is most commonly used on the Hewland Mk series, DG 300, and FT 200 gearboxes. Note that on the Mk series, the pushrod points down and both ports are at the top.

All versions have two 5/16" (8mm) mounting bolt holes oriented perpendicular to the bore and spaced 2 3/8" center-to-center. Overall length approximately 3 1/2" including boot. Inlet and bleeder ports are both threaded 3/8-24 UNF (3AN) with a concave seat. This allows the bleeder to be used in whichever port allows the most direct hose routing. Both bore sizes have a 1.25" stroke. Pushrod not included.

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3520-.75 RH
Condition: New

Girling Clutch Slave Cylinder, 0.75 in Bore, Right (Escort)

$159.99In Stock

3520-.87 LH
Condition: New

Girling Clutch Slave Cylinder, 0.87 in Bore, Left (FG 400)

$134.99In Stock

3520-.87 RH
Condition: New

Girling Clutch Slave Cylinder, 0.87 in Bore, Right (Mk 8/9)

$134.99In Stock

Works as expected .....


..... and this gets me another chance to win something.


Chelsea, Quebec


I've used these slave cylinders on many racecars.


For left side mounted slave cylinders on mid engine cars




Grilling Slave Cylinder


Excellent product - purchased for the Hewland LG600 in my CANAM race car.


Poulsbo, WA


Hewland Parts


It is just great that you support the older Hewland transmissions with parts such as the slave cylinder that I recently purchased. Even better was the very clear description of which style was classed as LH and RH. Great service!


New Zealand


Thanks for helping me get ...


Thanks for helping me get the car back on track. Waiting on the rebuild kit vs. a new cylinder would have caused us to miss last weekends events


Oklahoma City, OK, United States


Girling Clutch Slave Cylinder

4.8 5