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Tack Clamp for Welding Exhaust Pipes

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Brand: Advanced Racing Technologies (ART)

These trick clamps are designed specifically for butt-welding two pieces of tubing. They hold the tubing in perfect alignment while you tack-weld the pieces together. Use them to fabricate exhaust systems, intake systems, or coolant plumbing systems.

Each clamp consists of two adjustable chain clamps held together by three feed screws. Simply wrap one clamp around each piece of tubing, then use the feed screws to adjust the position of the tubes until they're in perfect alignment. The clamps and feed screws are operated entirely using your fingers (no tools required). Very little of the tubing is blocked by the clamp assembly, so you can make multiple tack welds all the way around without moving the clamp. When you're ready to run a full bead, just remove the clamps.

The size in each part number refers to the maximum round tubing OD that each clamp will fit. (Note that the 1.5" to 2" size must be taken apart and reversed to get a good grip on 1.5" tubing. This process is reversible, requires no tools, and takes about 20 seconds.) These clamps are designed for use on round tubing, but the chain clamp design will conform to other shapes as well.

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Condition: New
SKU: 59347

Tack Clamp for Welding Exhaust Pipes, 1.50 to 2.00" Diameter

$34.99In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 59348

Tack Clamp for Welding Exhaust Pipes, 2.00 to 2.50" Diameter

$36.99In Stock

Condition: New
SKU: 59349

Tack Clamp for Welding Exhaust Pipes, 2.50 to 3.00" Diameter

$38.99In Stock