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AN9 Airframe Bolt, 9/16-18 Thread

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AN9 bolts have a 9/16-18 thread with 0.9063 inch thread length. Torque AN9 bolts to 67-83 lb-ft with AN365 or AN310 full-height nuts. Torque them to 40-50 lb-ft with AN364 or MS21042 half-height nuts.

A or no A? AN bolts were originally designed to be used with a castle nut and cotter pin, so the base part number indicates a drilled shank. The addition of an "A" at the end (for example, AN9-37A) indicates an undrilled shank for use with a self-locking nut.

AN bolt nomenclature can be confusing. Please take a look at our page on Identifying AN Bolt Sizes.

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AN9 Airframe Bolt 9/16-18 Thread 2 5/32" Grip

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6 & up: $16.81

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AN9 Airframe Bolt 9/16-18 Thread 3 1/16" Grip

1 to 7: $9.99

8 & up: $9.04

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