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Camloc 2600 Series Light Duty Stud, Protruding, Wing Head

Click for a larger picture of Camloc 2600 Series Light Duty Stud, Protruding, Wing Head

The light-duty 2600 Series Camloc studs are rated for 200 pounds working strength (ultimate tensile strength 300 pounds). The wing head allows quick fastening by hand, without any tools needed.

The Dash Number (stamped on the head) calls out the stud length. Overall stud length in inches (less wings) is 0.73 + (0.03 x Dash Number).

27 Series Camloc Stud Size Chart
Stud Dash NumberTotal Grip*Stud Length (less wings) Part Number
2600-2W.060"-.089" 0.79" CAM2600-W-2
2600-3W.090"-.119" 0.82" CAM2600-W-3
2600-4W.120"-.149" 0.85" CAM2600-W-4
2600-5W.150"-.179" 0.88" CAM2600-W-5
2600-6W.180"-.209" 0.91" CAM2600-W-6
2600-7W.210"-.239" 0.94" CAM2600-W-7
2600-8W.240"-.269" 0.97" CAM2600-W-8
2600-9W.270"-.299" 1.00" CAM2600-W-9
2600-10W.300"-.329" 1.03" CAM2600-W-10
2600-12W.360"-.389" 1.06" CAM2600-W-12

* Total Grip is the total thickness of the panels to be fastened. When using the 27 Series Side Mount Receptacle, measure from the front of the removeable panel to the top of the receptacle.

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Camloc 2600-2 Wing Head Stud

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Camloc 2600-3 Wing Head Stud

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Camloc 2600-4 Wing Head Stud

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Camloc 2600-5 Wing Head Stud

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Camloc 2600-6 Wing Head Stud

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Camloc 2600-7 Wing Head Stud

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Camloc 2600-8 Wing Head Stud

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Camloc 2600-9 Wing Head Stud

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Camloc 2600-12 Wing Head Stud

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