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Hawk Brake Pad, Volvo with Girling Caliper (D43)

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FMSI D043. Fits Girling front calipers on the following Volvo models:

DL, GL, 240, 260 Series: 1975-93 (except 1983 760GLE and 1975-78 with optional ATE caliper)
142, 144, 145 Series: 1969-74 (except 1971-72 145 Deluxe with optional ATE caliper)
164 Series: 1969-75 (except 1972-75 with optional ATE caliper)
1800, 180 Series: 1969-73

Note that many of these models were available with either Girling or ATE calipers. This pad fits the Girling caliper only.
Ferro-Carbon is a unique, high-tech family of friction materials developed and manufactured by Hawk Brake for the racing community. Hawk Pads do not require an extensive "bedding-in" procedure. Keep in mind however, that all disc brake pads require a short period of bedding-in before being used to the maximum of their potential.

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Hawk Brake Pad, Volvo 1969-93 w/Girling, Blue .615

$162.99 In Stock


Hawk Brake Pad, Volvo 1969-93 w/Girling, HP Plus

$102.99 Not In Stock
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Hawk Street Brake Pad, Volvo 1969-93 w/Girling, HPS .615

$77.99 In Stock


Hawk Brake Pad, Volvo 1969-93 with Girling, HT10, .615 thick

$209.99 Not In Stock
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