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AiM Linear Travel Potentiometer

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Brand: AIM Sports

Linear Travel Potentiometers can be used to measure virtually any linear motion including shock and suspension travel, ride height at speed, throttle position -- even wing or spoiler deflection at speed. The size listed is the stroke (travel) length. Mounting eyelets are 5mm (3/16") diameter to accept a #10 screw. Body OD 1/2" (13mm). Color may vary from photo.

Stroke Minimum Length Maximum Length
50mm (1.97") 193mm (7.6") 253mm (9.56")
75mm (2.95") 218mm (8.58") 293mm (11.54")
100mm (3.93") 243mm (9.57") 343mm (13.5")
150mm (5.91") 293mm (11.54") 443mm (17.44")
200mm (7.87") 343mm (13.5") 543mm (21.38")
Lengths are measured from eyelet center to eyelet center.

Note: Overextending or bottoming out these sensors will destroy them! If your application requires the maximum travel available, you may want to consider fabricating a linkage to measure a proportional but smaller travel.

These sensors have the 719 (four-pin plastic push-on type) connector. Use a My Chron 719-719 Patch Cable (Part No. MC-211) to connect to any AiM MXL series dash or the MyChron3 Gold Auto dash. The MyChron3 XG-Log requires a 712-719 Patch Cable (Part No. MC-210).

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MyChron Linear Travel Potentiometer, 50mm (1.97") Stroke

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MyChron Linear Travel Potentiometer, 75mm (2.95") Stroke

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MyChron Linear Travel Potentiometer, 100mm (3.94") Stroke

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MyChron Linear Travel Potentiometer, 150mm (5.91") Stroke

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MyChron Linear Travel Potentiometer, 200mm (7.87") Stroke

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