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AiM SmartyCam3 GP, 120 degree Lens

Click for a larger picture of AiM SmartyCam3 GP, 120 degree Lens
Click for a larger picture of AiM SmartyCam3 GP, 120 degree Lens

Brand: AIM Sports

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The SmartyCam 3 GP is a solid-state digital video camera that can be used as a stand-alone camera or connected to an AiM data logger for brilliant videos with data overlay. All of the information from the data logger can be overlaid on screen and recorded as part of the video footage -- no syncing necessary later.

As a stand-alone camera, the SmartyCam 3 GP records brilliant, wave-free 1920x1080P HD 60 FPS racing videos. Connect the SmartyCam 3 to an AiM data logger (anything from a Solo2 DL or MyChron5 to an EVO5 logger) and you can expand the overlay to include information from those sources. When connected to a GPS Module (sold separately) or GPS-enabled logger, the GPS data gets embedded in the video file as well. When you import the data file and the video file into RaceStudio 3, the two files will automatically sync so you can see WHAT happened, exactly WHEN it happened. No more guessing about whether the driver caused something to happen, or if the driver reacted to something happening!

Records true HD video to your SD memory card (not included; supports up to 2 TB cards). Battery lasts less than 20 minutes, so connection to a logger or vehicle power is required*. Waterproof for use on open cars, motorcycles, and personal watercraft. The extra-wide 120° field of view is ideal for mounting outside on the front or rear end of any racing vehicle, but it is especially popular on race bikes and karts. The preview screen on the base unit makes aiming the camera easy.

The base unit weighs only 11.3 oz (320g) including battery, and the bullet cam weighs less than 2 oz (45g). Base unit measures 4 3/4" Long x 3 5/16" Wide x 1 1/4" thick (121mm L x 80mm W x 31mm T). The bullet cam measures 1" OD x 1 3/4" Long (24mm OD x 45mm L). Two 712-Type (screw-in) ports on the back: 7-pin "ECU-Mic" (for direct connection to an ECU, an external microphone, and/or external power), 5-pin "Exp" (for connection to an AiM logger, external power, or for charging the internal battery).

Each kit includes the SmartyCam 3 GP base unit with internal microphone and built-in battery, bullet cam with the extra-wide 120° angle lens, a 2 meter camera-to-base cable (SMA connectors), your choice of 2 meter of 4 meter CAN "Exp" cable (5 pin to 5 pin)*; USB-C download cable; and 5-pin 712-type (screw-in) AC charging adapter (North American plug type). Does not include memory card or camera mount. Race Studio 3 software is always available as a free download from AiM.

*For stand-alone use, the CAN cable may be modified for direct connection to vehicle DC power.

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AiM SmartyCam3 GP, 120 degree Lens, 2 Meter Cable

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AiM SmartyCam3 GP, 120 degree Lens, 4 Meter Cable

$1,899.00In Stock